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Tennis Court Through the Fence

Why Play Tennis?

Health benefits of tennis

Tennis can be a great workout and lots of fun. Playing tennis has many health benefits including:

  • Increasing aerobic capacities.

  • Lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Improving metabolic function.

  • Increasing bone density.

  • Lowering body fat.

  • Improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

  • Increasing reaction times.

Other benefits of tennis

As well as being a great physical workout, tennis is also:

  • A non-impact sport.

  • A great way to meet people and spend time with friends.

  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whatever your level, you can find someone of a similar ability to play with.

  • Helpful to reduce stress.

  • Not dependent on youth or strength – you can play for a lifetime or start the game at any age.

  • Played all over Great Britain and through many parts of the world.

Why play tennis with us

Our head coach Geoff Vaughan has been coaching in and around the North Cotswolds since 2003, he set up Campden Aces Tennis Academy in 2006.  Not long after that he won Gloucestershire Coach of the year (in 2009).  The academy has gone from strength to strength since then. 

In 2018, we entered a new chapter, bringing Moreton Aces into the academy. 


All our coaches are all LTA qualified and DBS certified, with a valid first aid certificate and LTA safeguarding training, they are carefully selected by Campden and Moreton Aces for their ability to relate to and understand younger players.

Tennis Class
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