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How they work



What is a rating?


A rating is a measuring tool indicating a standard of play and allowing players to record their progress.  An accurate rating should give a player access to appropriate level competition.

For most competitions ratings takes precedence over rankings for both acceptance and seeding.

For junior and adult players there are 20 rating bands, starting with 10.2, which is the lowest, progressing to 10.1, 9.2, 9.1, 8.2 etc. until you reach 1.1, which is the highest rating.

For Mini Tennis players there is a separate ratings process. View Mini Tennis ratings. 


How to get a rating...


To get a rating you need to be a British Tennis Member. The rating system is open to players of all ages but different criteria apply according to whether you are a Mini Tennis player, a junior, in the open (adult) age group or in a senior age category.

Once you have a rating you will appear on the LTA player search.

If you are an experienced player, with a competitive record, and think you should be assigned a higher rating than the entry level of 10.2 then you can email with as much information as possible about your playing experience, foreign rating/ranking and results. It may be possible to assign you a provisional equivalency rating.

Alternatively an adult player may request a rating (up to 7.2) by submitting an online adult rating self-assessment form.


Can my rating decrease?


A junior player’s rating cannot decrease (unless a correction is necessary).  An adult player’s rating can decrease but not to a level lower than 6.2. An adult player's rating will decrease if, in the previous two competition seasons, he/she has recorded no results or, in failing to meet the rating increase criteria, has recorded no qualifying wins and more than one qualifying loss within the previous two competition seasons. 


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